We live in an age of wonder, where four-cylinder turbo engines are packing almost 200 horsepower more than a 1975 Corvette's V8 lump. Currently, AMG holds the "record" at 355hp for their turbo four, but that's unlikely to last too long. So where do you think the Focus RS will net out? Here's a short list I've compiled of its primary cross-shop competition:

  • Fiesta ST: 197hp/202tq
  • GTI: 210-220hp/258tq
  • Focus ST: 252hp/270tq
  • WRX: 268hp/258tq
  • Golf R: 290-6hp/280tq
  • Audi S3: 292hp/280tq
  • STI: 305hp/290tq
  • AMG CLA: 355hp/332tq
  • Audi RS3 (5-cyl): 362hp/343tq

So, where do you think the Focus RS will slot in?

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Interesting to note: all the cars on the list above 260hp have AWD. I know most outlets are reporting the RS will have AWD, but I think this is a pretty good indicator too.


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