Thoughts on High Mileage 911's?

It's happened Oppo. I have full on caught the Porsche bug (pun not intended). A relative bought a 911SC a few years ago and recently started sending me LOTS of emails about how great they are and why I should get one.


I started looking at some impact bumper 911's and found a very good deal on a 77 Targa, but it sold the next day. Interestingly, there are a few 996's priced below $15k in my area, but they all have over 100k miles. I'm not really in a position to buy one above $15k right now, but exceptions can be made if they are less than that.

There are plenty of high mileage impact bumpers and 996's that seem to be running perfectly, and there are a few for sale locally. The spiritual side of me also wants to keep as many on the road as possible. So my question is, is buying a 911 (996 specifically) with more than 100k miles an ok thing to do?

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