Thoughts on Isuzu NPRs?

At my work, we currently have an 06 or 07 GMC Savana 1 ton with a 16' van body. Despite only having 138k kms on it, it’s pretty rough. There isn’t much desire to do any work to it since the plan was always to replace it with a truck with a gate. We’ve starting acquiring a lot more inventory, and I’ve starting driving the truck more, so I’ve started the ball rolling on a new truck.

What we currently have, except ours looks like it’s been hanging out at the bottom of a lake

The best option I can find is an Isuzu NPR, with the 6.0 Chevy motor. I want to stick with a gasser since we hardly put any miles on it, I think we only spent $1200 on gas last year. Don’t need DEF or a DPF to worry about, or pricier oil changes. Even better, since the gas NPRs aren’t nearly as desirable to most people, the few I can find are like 10-15 grand less than a diesel. The other big bonus is since it’s a cabover, we can get a 20' van and only gain a foot or so of overall length. I’ve found a nice 2015 with a 20' van, the 6.0 gas, and a nice tuckaway gate that I’ll be checking out in the next little while.

So what says Oppo, any better ideas? I don’t really know much about this sort of thing, I just know more than my bosses, so it’s my job to get us a truck.

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