Thoughts on LR...again

You know what really bugs me? That Land Rover made what I think is a really good looking vehicle in the LR2, so badly.

I like the tall greenhouse and mini rangie looks. I think its one of the better looking vehicles they’ve made since the D3. The Ford turbo 4 isn’t a bad engine at all and the Volvo 3.2 I6 is just such a cool engine for this size of vehicle, but they are just made so poorly as to be impossible to justify owning.


Its much larger replacement isn’t nearly as cool looking

and probably no more reliable. The thing that bugs me most about the Disco Sport (Aside form obvious fashion over function design)? They aren’t pursuing a 2 speed 4 wheel drive when a system that would fit right in already exists and would offer no substantial penalties.

I guess Im just more upset that the only vehicle on the market that uses a real off road 4wd system in the compact segment is the Cherokee KL. These vehicles could be so much more.


For that matter, put the 2 speed system in the renegade and make it the pseudo XJ replacement you got close to making jeep!

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