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Thoughts on Modifying a MK6 GTI

Hi Oppo,

I’m currently thinking of modifying my 2012 GTI after almost 7 years of ownership. The car has 80k miles on it and I’m concerned that throwing money to modify it at this mileage seems irresponsible.

But for the sake of financially irresponsible decisions here’s what I have in mind:

I’ve been looking at the Stage 1 and 2 ECU tunes from APR, Cobb, etc... Also interested in lowering the car a touch and doing some type of exhaust system (I know power gains are minimal, but I want to do it for the sound!)


The car is used only once or twice a week to get groceries, short roadtrips (i.e. San Diego to LA) and the occasional commute to work (40 mile round trip all highway).

All in all I want to make it faster for the highway (somewhere in the 250 - 260 whp range on 91, originally would have liked 300 whp but looks like it’s impossible with the stock turbo) and improve the handling for the great canyon roads we have out here.

Thoughts? Would really appreciate the community’s input!


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