So now that we have had NuOppo to play with for a while, what do you all think?

My take - I like the look of the new site and all of the neat new featuers that allow us to make better and more complex posts.  However, I absolutely hate all the clicking and the navigation.  I have hated the Kinja commenting system ever since it came out, and it hasn't grown on me at all.  There was nothing wrong with putting all replies in one column in chronological order.  The branches of conversations in Kinja just make it tiresome to click through and difficult to follow, and I think it seriously inhibits conversation.  Just look at the posts on this page an you can see that the disucssion rate is way down.  There still seem to be a fair amount of posts, but replies are MUCH fewer.  I liked it better when you could click to expand replies, add a comment, and then continue reading other posts, all without navigating to another page.  The new system just makes you work too hard to get to everything or see all of what people are saying. 

Sorry for ranting, I am not saying I am leaving or anything, I guess I was more just wondering how other people on here feel about it.