Thoughts on Salvage Title Beaters?

damage on the end
damage on the end

Just came across a surprisingly clean ‘97 Pathfinder LE (auto) w/ around 170k miles on my local CL for the low price of $800... or best offer! He said he’s motivated to sell, so I was considering low-balling straight cash and seeing what I can get. However, it has a salvage title due to some front end damage on the right side, but it really doesn’t look that bad at all in photos (see photo). This would strictly be a winter beater/summer hauler, and I wouldn’t go more than $600 if I could. I know salvage titles make it hard to resell, but I’m not really concerned about that (it’s a $600 beater...).


I live in MN so 4WD is almost a necessity, I put Blizzaks on my Abarth for the winter and traction is great but the car reeeeeeeally doesn’t like driving when the temp is cold and takes a reeeeeeeeally long time to warm up. Having something like this could be a lot of fun, plus I’ve had that Craigslist itch for a while now.


ETA: texted him about how the damage happened, got “not sure - it was like that when I bought it” in response... -_-

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