Thoughts on the 2015 Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana

I am a race fan from Louisiana and as such I have a slight "fuck yeah indycar race in Louisiana" bias.

I really don't understand why some people are bashing this race. Yeah the track needs quite a bit more work,but I can't think of anything else that people could hang up on. The facility is pretty great and not as bad as has been portrayed by some. NOLA Motorsports park management has been trying to get an indycar race for a while , but hasn't wanted to spend money it didn't have to renovate the facility to be indycar worthy if indycar wasn't going to come. I applaud this. Look what happened to Donington when the owners tried to bring it to F1 spec and F1 didn't come. The relationship between racetracks and races isn't like field of dreams, just because you build it, doesn't mean that races will come. The track layout should produce great racing and should be enjoyable for the drivers.


While the current state of the facilities goes in the con column, there are more than enough items in the pro column to make up for it. There is more than enough lodging near the track (the track is around 20 min from downtown by taxi or car). The infrastructure is more than adequate for an event of this size. The atmosphere of the city is something that everyone should experience and no one can replicate. It will have the best food of any host city (just a fact) and will be the most fun race weekend at least of the year. Seriously if you can't not enjoy NOLA. There is no where else where you can have the best food you have ever had, served by the nicest waiters you've ever had, followed by a trip to a club with some of the best live music you have ever heard, followed by dancing more than you thought possible til the sun comes up, followed by some of the best donuts and coffee you have ever had, after which you can take a short trip to the track and see a great race. There is nothing quite like the smell of fuel and booze in the morning. The food, the atmosphere, the people, and the experiences that NOLA offers will make this race a winner no matter who thinks it is a loser. I am marking this race as a must go on my calendar. Are you?


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