No, it’s not April Fools, I actually went and test drove a new Camaro. The one I drove(the dealership wouldn’t let me leave the lot, but it was a big lot and I got to hit over 50 mph in a very short distance) was a 2LT RS in white with the 8 speed, but I did get to sit around in a 1LT and the same pretty much applies.


Everything I would normally touch in the interior felt nice and premium. It felt decently put together, and was overall a nice place to be.

The engine felt pretty responsive, and I didn’t notice too much lag. It definitely has enough power. I like it, I like it a lot.

It handled well in the corners that I got to go through. It was composed and flat, but the steering is kind of numb. The numb steering is just something pretty much anyone who wants a new car is going to have to deal with.


It was pretty comfortable for a coupe. I definitely can live with it.

The speakers sound pretty alright for both the base and the Tech package cars. The Bose speakers are definitely better, and I will spec that, but the base speakers are liveable.


The seating position is pretty good, definitely better than the FiST.

As much as I hated the looks of the steering wheel, I think it feels extremely nice.



Yep, visibility. It’s bad. Even I, who has notoriously shit on all things GM, have said that it can’t be that bad. It is. But I’m 90% sure they come standard with backup cams, and the one I used alleviated that issue pretty well.


Headroom, it’s not great. I can’t imagine having one with a sunroof and being over 5'10". I had to sit really low in the seats. I was still comfortable, but I definitely will not be getting a sunroof.

GM has successfully made 18" wheels look cheap and small. I will have to live with the 20" ones.


There isn’t a whole lot of storage space. Maybe my expectations were a little high, but where am I supposed to put my Glock?

One more con that I forgot, the starter button. It glitched on me before the test drive. I’m not really a fan.



I forgot the biggest Pro: It did something that the FiST did not do, it made me feel special. It made me feel like getting the base model and engine would not at all be a penalty. It also changed my outlook on GM. Maybe they have changed, because they successfully changed the mind of one of the most stubborn people on earth, Me.


As long as I can get the discount that I’m pretty positive I can get, I’m getting a Camaro. My mind has been changed about the brand. It’s an amazing car, and the FiST(while extremely fun) can’t really compete with the way it made me feel.