So i’m looking to get a new car soon, budget is $30k, looking to go new. I’ve looked at a ton of cars but still have to drive some of them. I really like the new Mazda 3 hatch in polymetal grey with the red interior. I plan on test driving one today actually if the weather is clear later. Seems to be getting very good reviews all around but my only concern is getting the first MY of a new redesign. As far as features and amenities it has everything i’m looking for so it fits the bill in that regard. As far as the transmission, i’ve owned nothing but manuals over the last six years and i’m honestly thinking about going with the auto this time around. Traffic here in Miami is absolutely stupid so it actually doesn’t even make much sense to go with the manual.

Other cars of note that i’m considering are a GTi, Jetta GLI, Civic Si. I’m not the biggest fan of the Civic’s exterior but it seems to be a great all around car which is what i’m looking for. I’ll have to test drive one.

Few pictures of the 3 Hatch in question.


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