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Thoughts on the Hyundai Venue?

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I realize there’s a lot of hatred from enthusiasts for crossovers, but I’d like to hear some opinions about the Venue. This wouldn’t be for me, but rather my non-car-guy husband.


Lately, it seems like he’s getting a bit bored with his Elantra. It got to the point that he wanted to go look at cars right when the lockdown happened. I know there will shortly be a lot of good incentives on cars soon and I keep seeing these little buggers around in this green color and I just get the feeling he’d really like it. They’re pretty darn cheap and being based on the Accent it’s got to be pretty efficient. He’s not really concerned about power, so I doubt that would be a deal breaker.

Anyone driven one lately? I think he might like the Kona too, but I think the Venue is more up his alley.

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