• It has a programmable rev light / buzzer, which I have set to 4k RPM during the break-in period. Very cool.
  • S# mode is stupid. Maybe it will be more fun once I can really rev it out, but the throttle is basically an on-off switch in that mode
  • So far, in “I” mode, I’ve gotten the same mixed gas mileage as my 135i: 21 mpg. The 135i was rated at 20/28, and the STi is rated at 17/23, so that’s not too bad.
  • The interior is far better than auto-journalists give it credit for. It’s way more function than form, but everything is exactly where it should be and feels high quality. Unfortunately, on the form side of things, it looks like each section of the interior was designed by a different person and they never got together to unify things. There are about 50 different fonts between the 4 screens and many buttons throughout the cabin. There is also no rhyme or reason to the mix of materials and colors used around the interior. This is something that VW/Audi excels at, and it allows them to get away with cheaper materials than they otherwise would.
  • I guess there’s a Subaru wave? With my BMW, the only waves I got were the one-fingered kind. How many manufacturers have a wave? Jeep, Harley, Subaru... any others?
  • If the ride ever gets too harsh, speeding up by 50% will smooth it out.
  • I don’t want to turn in to a Subro, but the exhaust is a little on the quiet side. An axle-back may be in my future.
  • Hopefully it’s the fault of the tires, but the road-noise is my biggest complaint about the car right now. Not a deal-breaker, but it makes me feel bad for the other occupants.
  • Speaking of the tires, the dealer inflated all four tires to 48 psi. Max psi based on the door card is 33! The ride instantly improved after correcting that.
  • Yes, I’m aware there is a sound-tube, but this is one of the best sounding new cars inside the cabin. No electronic trickery is involved, so I can forgive the tube. It’s funny to me imagining Subaru engineers thinking “hmmm, the interior of the STi is just too quiet.”
  • This thing is nimble and fun to drive, just as I’d hoped.

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