A quarter of a dollar tax on every gallon of fuel?

YES. I know it’s for infrastructure, but it has secondary effects. Like making you act short sighted, meaning, buying more fuel efficient cars.

If that gets you to buy more fuel efficient cars, I agree with it.

Beyond my petty opinion, there’s the very real question of how this tax effects its people. almost 87% of ya’ll go to work by car, and while sure, a gas tax would increase revenue. It is basically a flat tax.

Meaning that, no matter how rich or poor you are, or whether this gasoline is for a work truck or a bro truck, you’ll pay it. This comes with obvious side effects.

Maybe a rich person can afford paying the tax, where poor people might not be able to. You may point at the bus, but then again, no good public transport infrastructure doesn’t help, as does the fact that the bus still needs to get fuel, and any hike on fuel price also means a hike in ticket prices.

Maybe your business runs tight with fuel prices, and a gas tax would impact you greatly, specially if your business can’t afford the newest fuel efficient trucks that Bros seem to be stocking up on.


How do you get around this? well, I don’t know. Off the top of my head I can think of two progressive taxes:

Tax the infrastructure directly on income (as it is 87% of commuters that use cars) depending on income, obviously.

Tax the infrastructure directly on vehicle registration or plate tax. Charge an amount yearly based on the car’s value (a progressive tax) and get work trucks exempted from it, maybe have a even a rebate for those with the highest average fleet economy.