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Thoughts on variable valve timing...

For some odd reason, today I've been thinking a lot about variable valve timing. I did a bunch of reading on Wikipedia about it, and it definitely seems like there are a bunch of different ways to go about implementing it. The one that has really stuck in my brain is by Koenigsegg:

Rather than using a traditional cam setup, it uses some sort of electro-mechanical actuators to move the valves. This got me thinking: why the heck hasn't anyone else done this before, and why isn't it in production (or at least undergoing more testing/prototyping)?

Any engineers (or anyone else) out there have a few thoughts on the matter?

It seems like the more I study, the more joy I find in the simplest of solutions. Having hydraulic systems to move cams around seems a bit pedestrian after thinking about the simplicity of electrically driven valves.


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