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Thoughts on Workhorse as a company?

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Approaching this from an investment point-of-view. Their stock is pretty cheap right now, but why is that? The recent announcement that Amazon is ordering a bajillion delivery vehicles did give the stock a healthy bump in price so that wave is over - this is more of a long term bet. Workhorse has some good ideas but their product is very much vaporware. The company has existed since ‘98 and was listed on the Nasdaq in 2014. It hit an $11 peak in 2016 but sunk to 50 cents at the end of 2018.


I’m kinda new to investing and have been focusing on tech because that’s what I know. I don’t understand the stock market enough to figure out which traditional automaker to invest in and Tesla prices are sky-high. My friend told me not to worry about market prices so much, and instead pick companies I think will do well based on roadmap, etc. So, what do you guys think?

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