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Three days until my drive across the USA!

Brick, NJ to Los Angeles, CA in about ten days in a Miata. Should be exciting! The time is finally upon me to head out on this journey on Wednesday. I’m not getting my car back until Tuesday but at least it will most likely be fully painted! Body work is done, primer definitely going on shortly, and most likely paint since it really doesn’t take that much longer to do the painting, versus all the other crap. Fingers crossed that gets done.

Anyways, here is my tentative itinerary! Each location shown is the ending location for the day.



Drive from Home to LA

  • W - Day 1: Asheville, NC
  1. Driving
  2. Whole BRP
  • Th - Day 2: Deals Gap, NC
  1. Short Hike in the morning
  2. Fun driving day down to the Dragon
  3. Camping - Simple life
  • F - Day 3: [limited travel day - end at same location] Deals Gap, NC
  1. Fun driving day at the Dragon
  2. Camping - Simple life
  • Sa - Day 4: Memphis, TN
  1. Drive across TN via non interstates
  2. Airbnb in Memphis
  3. Stock up camping supplies for 5 days
  • Su - Day 5: Ozarks, AR
  1. Driving
  2. Camping - Shores Lake Campground
  • M - Day 6: Wichita Mountains Wildlife Preserve, OK
  1. 3 days of driving
  2. Hiking in AR in the morning
  3. Mount Magazine
  4. Seismic meerburger
  5. Camping - Doris campground
  • Tu - Day 7: Capilla Peak, NM
  1. Find some Texas BBQ
  2. Camping - Capilla Peak Campground
  • W - Day 8: Tonto National Forest, AZ
  1. Hiking at Capilla Peak in the morning
  2. Gila National Forest
  3. Tonto National Forest
  4. Camping - Tonto, lots of choices
  • Th - Day 9: [limited travel day - end at same location] Tonto National Forest, AZ
  1. Hiking in Tonto
  2. Camping - Tonto, lots of choices
  • F - Day 10: Big Bear, CA
  1. Maybe check out Phoenix in the morning?
  2. Joshua Tree Nat’l Park
  3. Hiking
  4. Airbnb in Big Bear
  • Sa - Day 11: Los Angeles, CA
  1. Leave Big Bear Early
  2. Take Angeles Crest Highway
  3. Arrive before 5pm (most likely earlier)
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