It helps when you have the right tool for the job and so for my wheel bearing job, I went to home Depot and picked up a 36x1 inch pipe to slip over my 18 inch breaker bar. It made quick work of the axel nut and had my wheel bearings removed in no time. I had to also buy some drill bits to clear the indent for the nut but again having the right tool made it easy peasy. Sure I had to spend a bunch of money on tools to complete this job but at least I finally have a torque wrench now, a nice chisel, a big ass pipe, some drill bits, and plenty of high temperature grease. Although I think the brake part grease I had could have worked, I figured I’d play it safe and use the right stuff. There was like no grease left when I removed the bearing so no wonder it was screaming at me on the highway. Now it is all fixed up and quiet. It seems to ride better as well! I still have to do the drivers side shortly but I was starving. I will get to that today.

Overall it was a pretty easy job. Still have my massive oil leak to deal with but that’s manageable still seeing as I drove across the country with that problem. I will continue to fight it but now at least I can drive the car again without worrying about a wheel falling off.

Additionally, I worked on a simple fix in the Subaru. Basically it is known as “fixing the bobble head problem” where the stock STI seat springs are way too loose and cause the Driver to bounce around independent of the suspension. At first I thought my suspension was just shot until I researched it a bit and learned it’s all about the seat!


So I picked up these giant 250 pound zip ties and strapped the springs together to make them a bit more taught. I haven’t tested it out yet since it wasn’t immediately apparent on all roads anyways. It feels a little less bouncy just sitting in the garage but we shall see if it could use some adjustment. It’s especially annoying at freeway speeds on the 101 and 405, both seem to achieve the perfect resonance that makes me wish for traffic just to make it stop. It sometimes feels like a shock has broken and the car has gone nuts so it’s more than minor on those occasions. The only real solution I’ve seen is aftermarket seats but I quite like the stockers for comfort. A slight improvement will make a world of difference!