That would be myself, wonderdog, and the shoebox.

We went to beach and visited my parents. Doggo loves the beach. Doggo also loves carpeted homes because she has much more leverage during tug-o-war. My parents had no decent snacks. Some saltwater taffy that has sat untouched for three years... C’MON, MOM.


Mom’s DD

The 4wd Tin Can performed admirably. For the first time in almost a month, zero stalls. No shuddering. Definitely better fuel delivery when going up steep hills in my parent’s town than previously. All this after 100 miles and two hours of driving. Also it broke a personal observed speed record today: seventy-FIVE miles per hour, people! Hopefully I’ll be seeing improvements in my fuel economy as well.


However, on a 50-mph road on my way out, a young lady driving Mini Cooper pulled out in front of me and then enthusiastically flipped me off. I guess somebody didn’t have a very merry Christmas!

This here’s a dog: