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Three Is Better Than Two. Part III: The Route and...ANDROID!!!

I’m preparing for my next summertime madness roadtrip! My route back home is set. It appears to be a similar route to what I took to get home from my California trip. Looks like I’ll be crossing quite a number of states on the way home (again). I’m willing to make short distance detours from my route. I will most likely call in Monday, so if any Oppos want to hang out, I’m so in!

In this preparation, I’m trying to figure out how I’m getting to O’Hare. Since I have a new bank account, many email addresses, and another name to use, I can sign up as a new Uber user again and take advantage of their first ride offers...


Unfortunately, I sold the mint iPhone 6 that I just bought to pay for every expense for the free smart (I made a $50 profit on the iPhone without doing a thing to it lol) which means I’m back to daily driving my Honor 5X with Resurrection Remix.

While Resurrection Remix has absolutely transformed this phone into a beast, it has some strange glitches with it. Perhaps the most annoying glitch is completely random app incompatibility:

I cannot use the fingerprint scanner for the BofA app, but I can for the Chase app.

I can buy stuff on the Taco Bell app, but can’t on the Subway app (it just doesn’t load).

Some photo editing apps work just fine, but others don’t load.

The nail in the coffin was the Uber app. I may absolutely need this app for Sunday and no amount of tweaking will make it work.


So fine, back to stock EMUI I went. Performance on the phone is lacking, but at least everything works without any surprises. One day I’ll be back under Apple, but for now I’m still chilling out with Google and friends.

In other news, still thinking of a name for the smartie. I’m thinking either Edward (from Fullmetal Alchemist because it’s smaller and older than my 451...plus it’s a nice red) or Chelsea (because a large part of me wants a girl name for smart #3, and uh...the car is free like Chelsea Manning, I guess? lol)

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