Three new arrivals at the airport

Ever since the mysterious Mexican Gulfstream I’ve been watching the civilian/commercial ramp at the airport across from my workplace to see what else might show up. There was another private jet last week that was ferried off to a hangar before I could get the tail number, but today I saw the arrival of twins!


N493AF and N469AF, a pair of new (built in 2014) Pilatus PC-12's both arrived within 24 hours of each other, with 469 landing yesterday evening, and 493 coming in as I was clocking out around 7:30. Interestingly, while both are identically painted and both are registered to the same address in Rockingham New Hampshire, they are listed as having different owners.

Also on the ramp was this Bombardier CL-600 owned by SOP Equipment. SOP Equipment, according to Small Business Database, has at most four employees and an annual revenue stream of less than $500,000. Yet they have two aircraft registered to their name. I have my theories.

Regardless though, three beautiful aircraft at a ramp that more often has zero planes than one.

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