Three row SUVs. Thoughts?

I’m test driving the following on Saturday:

- Subaru Ascent

- Kia Sorento

- Kia Telluride (If they have any in stock...)

- Hyundai Palisade

Thoughts, Oppo? I like the Ascent most overall, but that’s before having driven any of them.


The Sorento is interesting because it is the smaller one. Which means it would likely fit in our garage where even our CX-5 can be a tight squeeze at times. It has the third row, which my wife insists on even though we will likely hardly ever use it.

The Ascent is cool because standard AWD, safety goodies out the wazoo, captain’s chairs in the middle, and a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds even with its four-cylinder motor. My dream is to have a small camping trailer someday. The Ascent also comes in this “Cinnamon Brown Pearl” color that my wife adores.

I don’t particularly like the looks of the Telluride, but my wife thinks it is gorgeous. It and the Palisade seem a bit too fancy/rich for our blood, but we shall see.


What’s cool is the dealer we got my 6 from used to be a Mazda/Kia/Volvo franchise. Now, it’s just Kia. So, the same guy that got us a good deal on my 6 back in 2015 is going to be able to help us again when we look at Kias.


The cons of the Kia and Subaru are that their dealerships are both 40-50 miles from our house. Not a big deal, but something to think about. I assume both will come with roadside assistance and we have AAA anyway, but that still gives me pause.

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