This was priced at $69,000 and hidden away. Would buy on sight alone but hate the new wheels.

New SRT front end looks FANTASTIC and this is now the only acceptible front end for me. The interior materials also looked like they were upgraded, the new shifter looked nice, and that hood is soooo wicked! Can’t wait for the Hellcat hood on this.


Even the though the midsized trucks are huge, they look tiny as all get out next to the 1/2 tons. Plus, I was so wrong when I said the Canyon looked better than the Colorado when these came out. The Colorado I would feel fine parking next to other trucks. The Canyon, I’d have a bit of inferiority complex.

The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid may be the only midsized commodity sedan that can hold a candle to how good the Mazda6 looks. I can’t believe the unattentional amount of road presence these have compared to the regular version. A black one passed me and I was floored. I hope the new Azera and the refreshed Sonata take the Hybrid’s design and up the definition.

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