Let’s go through a list of problems and observations.

Before I start griping I want to point out how much I love this thing, it’s peppy, it’s got character, and it’s city sized. If you can get past the small similarities to a plymouth voyager in terms of looks then I would actually recommend a post Renix cherokee. The Renix Cherokees were the first of the XJ’s to offer the straight 6. they also grew to have some very interesting electrical quirks as well as they aged. Post Renix Cherokees gained a higher output 4.0 and improvements in safety and crash protection. the Renix years were from 87-91.

  • the 4WD is pressure actuated: I found this out when I got stuff in a mud hole because my front wheels wouldn’t engage. There are pressure lines that had removed themselves from the actuator and I have yet to see if replacing the hoses had fixed my problem.
  • Power/Comfort transmission setting: This is a very aggressive D/OD system that you should just leave in power mode. The comfort setting allows the system to purposely slip thus damaging your transmission. after a good grand of miles my power mode finally works and boy does it make a difference.
  • Rust: I just discovered a rusty floorpan, and the rockers. nothing new in VA.
  • JEEP: Just empty every pocket at the gas station.

It’s the living definition for “Rolling project”, but what isn’t at 29 years old ?

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