I’m not a great mechanic. In fact, I’m not a mechanic. But after looking at a few pictures on the internet today, I came home, grabbed some tools, and decided have at it. The idle on the way to work this morning was... painful. And I hate looking at a trouble code on the dash.

Well? Great success. After 55k miles, it was pretty mucked up. It actually made a scraping noise when opening and closing - no wonder it was throwing a trouble code. I had to have my roomate hold the gas pedal down since it’s an electronic throttle and I dropped the clamp for the intercooler piping onto my skid plate (which I then had to partially drop to get it back) but all in all, it went fairly smoothly. I finished early enough for a test drive.

Goodbye trouble code P1220. Goodbye rough idle. Hello responsive engine.

I tossed it around lightly but not too much because I deer can be a problem in this area. Sure enough, I saw this fellow hanging out around Tilden Regional Park.