So I went out and bought the ultimate grocery getter.

Bought from a college professor who kept copious notes and receipts on the car

The day I brought it home and added it to my collection...

Then there was the time I took it drag racing just becasue...


(That Camaro was so loud I couldn't hear my engine bouncing off the rev limiter as the tires spun up...)

Sadly, it met the beginning of it's unfortunate demise when another driver failed to stop while pulling out of a parking lot and crashed into me (thankfully I had some space to move and he wasn't going too fast, could have been worse).


Somehow, I got cited for this accident (shout out to Fall River, MA PD, you dumb shits).

It's ultimate demise came in the form of a ceased motor due to my ignorantly running 16 psi on stock fuel... This car was a blast and one I wish I still had.