Afternoon fellow Opponauts! So I've been lusting over my old cars for some time now, and I realized today that I've never really shown any love for them on here yet. This was my first true love and many a fun time was had in this car. Not only was this the first car I lost girlfriends over, but it was also my first car to really call my own. I spent only my own money on it and dumped every dime I had into making it the way I wanted it to be (although never quite finished with the dream outcome). But this was the first car I got to call all the shots on, and do as I wished with it, so it has a special place in my heart. In the end, however, three Mustangs was a bit too much and started to become an issue. Not only was I broke from buying parts for realistically three project cars, but I also felt the pressure of RWD V8-greatness starting to overwhelm me. I even believe I grew a mustache and sweet mullet at one time, but we'll save that story for later.

Anywho, I'll quit talking about how I lost my virginity to my sister and what cars are parked in front of my single-wide trailer now. Onto the pics!

Here she is shortly after I first got her, and next to it is, what was my father's at the time and eventually became mine, '65 GT350 replica. Mind you, these cars became twinkies by happen-stance. I originally ordered a premium GT that was white with blue stripes and somehow got the opposite and with grey interior (we believed my actual car got shipped somewhere else). But, once I had received the car I was ultimately in love at first sight and couldn't send it back. Wasn't a big fan of the grey interior but it did help in the summer months, and a black interior swap was eventually in the plans.

Soon after purchase the mods began, and at the time I was just starting to get my feel for track days and auto-x, so the build started off very strong. I had previously ran my '02 SVT Focus at a few HPDX events and auto-x days so I knew what the plan was before the car even arrived. And no, it wasn't to marry my cousin in it. That just happened by coincidence...


14" brake upgrade was the first on my list, as 12" brakes and a 4200lb car didn't work so well. Also not pictured was the full Griggs watts-link setup that was purchased as well, probably not pictured because it literally took me a week to install and was on the verge of being sold before I got it to work properly. Performance-wise the car was kept pretty stock and reliable with just a tune, some bolt-ons, and a 4.10 gear in the rear end.

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, those are indeed blue LEDs instead of the horrid green that Ford finally got away from. Green is my absolutely least favorite color (even on a Jag so don't even) and they had to go.


....because racecar....and because I integrated it to be fully functional via a custom RF key fob mod thanks to Mazda.


And voila, the (pretty much) finished project. That's my goofy roommate standing up there who would just LOVE to be featured here, but he was a big help in both pushing me to always improve the car and being a helping hand when needed.

So in the end this was my Princess Diana. The pea to my pod. The Starsky to my Hutch. This was the first car I could legitimately say "I made that". I miss it more every day and in the years of owning it, she never once broke down on me or required anything more than a quick handjob, I mean handwash. I even drove the damn thing in the winter time, because I was young and stupid, with the 275 summer tires on it. Mind you I slowed down traffic behind me more than an Amish carriage on the highway, but it always got me there. So, here is my public display of affection and to join my fellow Opponauts in saying that we may give up some cars, but they will never be forgotten...


Except my ZX2, fuck that thing...