What was yours?

Mine was the 1997 Dodge T-Rex. 6x6 monster that was just all kinds of awesomeness. I remember seeing this truck in person at 12 years old thinking it was the coolest thing I had ever seen before. Yes I know we have the Merc 6x6 now, but that thing cost about $600,000 more than the T Rex would have.

They even took one to Moab

T-Rex Features:

  • high-output 8-liter Magnum V-10 engine:
  • 500 hp / 600 foot pounds high
  • four-speed automatic
  • computer-controlled adaptive air-suspension system
  • six-wheel drive tandem axle design
  • 8 1/2' cargo box
  • inter-axle differentials providing full-time capability
  • Heavy-duty front transfer case with high torque capability
  • External rear transfer case mounted on the second axle to divert power to the third axle
  • five-position electric shift system:
  • full-time four-wheel drive on the rear axles full- or part-time six-wheel drive with front axle engaged