These were one of my earliest memories from childhood: friggin pogs

Before Pokemon, before the Gameboy Color, before even Yo-yos (which were weirdly popular at my elementary school for only about a year), right around the time of the original Power Rangers were pogs. Then McDonalds came out with this as a tie in for the Power Rangers movie.

Pretty sure this broke every five year old’s mind at the time. Two of our most beloved things were coming together and nothing could be better than this. Of course, as with all fads, we threw pogs on the curb in exchange for yo-yos and Tamagotchis and those in turn were ditched for Pokemon cards and Game Boy Colors.

Now looking back some twenty odd years later, I can’t help but think that pogs were one of the greatest scams ever. Who would ever think children could get excited over shiny pieces of paper?