Double Windsor:


Prince Albert/ Van Wijk:

Welcome back to Tie-lopnik, where I tie my tie a certain way and tell you about it! Today, we keep it classy and conventional with the half Windsor knot. The half windsor is essentially half of a double Windsor, and is thus smaller and less symmetrical. I consider the half Windsor similar to the four-in-hand, except better in every way. If your go-to knot is the four-in-hand, it may be worth it for you to learn this one and make the switch. Not huge, not flashy, the half Windsor is a versatile knot and acceptable at any occasion.


Half Windsor:

Advantages- Simple, classy, appropriate for any occasion, better than a four-in-hand, works with any pattern tie

Disadvantages- Pretty common, not as cool as a Shelby, doesn't really make a statement, can look diminutive on ties made of thin material