Welcome back to Tie-lopnik, where I tie my tie a certain way (and wear it that day) and tell you about it (and sometimes get laughed at in the office)! So far, we have covered a variety of knots, both conventional and knot (huehue):





Double Windsor:

Prince Albert/ Van Wijk:


Half Windsor:

Since we did a common knot yesterday, today we will do what may very well be the least common of knots, the Eldredge. In my opinion, the Eldredge sits at the very top of the tie-rarchy (huehue) of fancy knots. Some people would describe it as classy, although I wouldn't. When I think "classy", I think understated, and the Eldredge is anything but. I suppose I would call it a novelty knot, or maybe like a ceremonial knot. This knot really shouldn't be worn to work. It's really more of just a conversation starter, or to say "hey, look, I can do this!". The knot is very intricate, and pretty hard to tie, although no knot is difficult with just a bit of practice. I would say that either this or the trinity knot are the hardest to tie. This knot is huge, and requires a ton of fabric. Tall people, you will need an incredibly long tie to make this work. Short people, you will need a long tie to make this work. All that being said, the knot is very intricate and striking:



Advantages- when you wear it you are "that guy", very intricate knot, striking design, draws attention, people will assume you own a vineyard, really takes it to 11

Disadvantages- when you wear it you are "that guy", you will be the designated office douchenozzle, the knot is absolutely huge, not understated in the least, uses way too much fabric, can only be used with ties of certain patterns, draws too much attention, you don't actually own a vineyard