Welcome back to Tie-lopnik, Oppo's trademark series about neckties, brought to you sharp every weekday morning some tie-m (huehue) between 7:30 and 10:30 AM! A quick breakdown of the knots we have covered already:





Double Windsor:

Prince Albert/ Van Wijk:


Half Windsor:



And now, today's featured knot, the Kelvin! The Kelvin knot is kind of like a Four-in-Hand, but more shapely and very asymmetrical. Now you are probably thinking, "Mac, don't you keep telling us you don't like uneven knots?" Well, yes, but the Kelvin is so uneven that I kind of like it. This knot says "I throw caution to the wind, and also fifty dollar bills". Who even uses fifty dollar bills? The kind of person that wears the Kelvin.

The Kelvin knot is also kind of cool because it's named after Lord Kelvin, the mathematical physicist who contributed to, you guessed it, knot theory! (By the way, knot theory is some crazy stuff, check it out). If it was classy enough for someone who called "William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin", it's definitely classy enough for you! (Probably too classy). Lord Kelvin is responsible for lots of stuff you guys are probably familiar with, like the Kelvin scale and the calculation of absolute zero (-273.15 degree C, or 0 degree K)(Also the number of girls you will pick up if you go on with a long spiel about Lord Kelvin and his contributions to thermodynamics).

Anyways, back to ties. The Kelvin knot is tied similarly to the four-in-hand and the Prince Albert, but is more asymmetrical than either, almost sharply so. The knot doesn't use too much length, so tall people are welcome, and it's rather easy to tie. The knot is also receptive to basically any fabric or pattern tie.



Advantages- named after "William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin", debonair, shapely, uncommon and daring, easy to tie, any pattern works, you will somehow always have $50s

Disadvantages: due to the uncommon shape plebes may assume you just botched some other knot, you may need to carry a life preserver in case you start drowning in women, you may try to invent a temperature scale, you may go around calling yourself something like "Brian Silvestro, 1st Baron Oppo".