Tii A-arms

The Eibach springs still haven't arrived to go with the Bilsteins but meanwhile we are refurbishing the front struts and A-arms in the back anyway. Front struts I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, yesterday started with the rear suspension.


First simply start scraping off tectyle and dirt by hand using a chisel. It's always nice to see how much waste/dirt/tectyle is coming of it in this phase.

When this is done just one session of blasting and it looks way better.


Only problem is this A-arm is of a 'normal' 2002. The tii has an enforced 'boxed' A-arm instead of the used u-profiles you see above.

Normally that wouldn't be a problem, just get another. But these are harder to get and are very expensive. Most of them have rotted away because the less 'open' architecture also meant water getting out was harder. My dealer can supply them but that will set me back over 1000 euros. Reinforcing the arms my self is what I'm planning on now, just not many welding experience but hey: No guts no glory.


The engine and transmission are dismantled completely at this moment, will try to do a write-up on that pretty soon.

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