Utah is in the minority of states with a “presumed” speed law. i.e. the posted limit is the speed “presumed safe” under good conditions. What this means is:

Yeah... I was going 5 over. Pretty sure that was safe.

“Utah is in the minority of states that use a “prima facie” or “presumed” speed limit law. In states that use this system for all or some of their roads, it’s legal to drive over the posted limit as long as you are driving safely. For example, if you are driving 50 miles per hour in a 40-mile-per-hour zone, you are “presumed” to be speeding. But if it is 6 a.m. on a clear, dry morning with no other cars on a wide, straight road, and you can convince the judge that you were driving safely given those conditions, you should be acquitted. That’s because you present facts that “rebut the presumption” that by going over the limit you were driving at an unsafe speed.”


Neat. I don’t speed often, but I wonder if that would work.

A good example would be the stretch of highway pictured above. 24 miles of arrow strait desert with next to no off-peak traffic and literally nothing to hit.

Pretty sure 70 is a reasonable speed here, even in the cruiser.

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