The heater blower for the Mitsubishi NP Pajero/Montero/Shogun is handed. LHD & RHD ones rotate in the same direction but have reversed blades. So if you fit an incorrect one like I just did, you get lots of noise but damn all blowing action.

Secondarily, I learned that the photo on the ebay ad for the Chinese knockoff one I bought is a mirror image of the actual, i.e. it makes a Montero (LHD) one look just like a Pajero (RHD) one. No chance of getting a refund, I expect - now I know there’s a difference I see the one I bought was only listed as compatible with Montero, not Pajero.


So that was a waste of $60. Unless I can press the fans off the new owner and the old dead one and swap them. I’ll give that a go on Monday.


Edit: Ignore the bit re rotate in the same direction. They rotate the opposite way too - I only checked that it was the correct rotation for the blower, not the same as the old one. So if I swap the fans out I’ll need to swap the connections too. 

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