I’m doing a presentation for a project at university today, so I dressed up casual-fancy, including my big pointy van Lier shoes. But then I noticed driving in these shoes sucks, they are way too large to control the pedals with any feel, maybe due to my feet being size 45 EU(11 UK or 11.5 US) the pointy-bits are way too long. So I was controlling the clutch with the point, because the point would otherwise hit the pedal stalk thing, but this made my shifts complete shit.

Well, they door look fancy, so there is that I suppose.

Have this 1996 Renault Megane Coupe with just 128 km for your time:

The same dealer also has another Megane Coupe with just 11k km, which had just 604 km a year ago, they probably had them stashed away or something.