Got all the Jag's exhaust bits together the day before yesterday. Sounds good, raspier than I thought but overall pleasant. No noticeable increase in volume from within the cabin, but open the windows and it's far easier to hear the engine for rev-matching. This is a very useful trait, as I discovered...

Driving to work today I thought the clutch biting point was a little low, but as I hadn't driven in a while I thought it might just be a bit different compared to the Alfa.

Got into the car at the end of the day, and the clutch dropped straight to the floor.

Ah. Problems.

So, my method of getting home was to turn the car off, put it in first, start it and lurch forward and then rev-match for all my shifts until I had to stop again.

As I had a spare clutch slave cylinder from my gearbox swap, I thought that would be a good (read free) place to start.


Old and busted - new hotness

Easy access, minimal fuss. Swapped it, bled it and it now has a working clutch again :)


Happy days.