TIL that I don't know my M3 has a V8

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A shocking number of people have viewed my post about my second first world problem this week, the fact I had to drive my M3 to work today because my 328i is in the shop. I mentioned something about a coil going on my inline 6, to that, several people in the grays have mentioned that the E9X M3, in fact, has a V8. For example:



I’ve dismissed the rest. Side note, the dismiss feature is one of my favorite features of Kinja.


I would assume most regular opponauts would know that I own both a 328i and an M3, but the people who see this in passing won’t know that and assume that I don’t know I have a wonderful S65B40 under my hood. I’m glad oppo isn’t mainstream, this makes me happy that it’s still a pretty small close knit community.

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