TIL Lincoln still sells (or tries to sell) the MKT for some reason

I genuinely thought they stopped selling these in like 2014, but nope, you can get still buy a 2018 and they’re gonna continue making it for 2019. As much as I want to love it, being an oddball and all, it’s still a big, ugly, outdated smudge on Lincoln’s otherwise excellent and improving lineup.

Lincoln is likely going to axe the lovely, brand-new Continental sedan soon, due to a sedan being a poor selling prospect in today’s crossover-crazed market. It sold 5,300 units in 2016 (and was only on sale for the last quarter), 12,000 in 2017, and 6,300 so far this year. The MKT, which falls in the ultra-hot luxury crossover not-actually-a-wagon category, sold 4,000 in all 12 months of 2016, 3,000 in 2017, and less than 1,800 so far this year. Must be super high margins on it due to the tooling not having been updated in a decade, becasue I can’t figure out why else they’re still making such a dud. Hell, even this equally outdated and wholly impractical Infiniti QX70 is outselling it...probably because it is the MKT’s polar opposite in terms of styling.


One can only hope it will quietly go away when the Nautilus and Aviator go on sale

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