Chrysler made electric minivans that were actually pretty advanced for their time. This thing even has a skateboard layout (that is, battery nestled between the front and rear subframe), which maximizes battery capacity.

As far as I can tell, the battery options were a 324 volt lead-acid battery (unsure on capacity), or a 336 volt, 93 Ah (31.25 kWh) NiMH battery. Range was claimed at 120 miles.

And, with a 100 hp motor... OK, that’s quite modest, but considering that they sold these things with 150 hp gassers through 3-speed slushboxes? And, it could do 80 if you asked it to.

There was a previous generation, the TEVan, too, based on the second-gen minivans. Looks like a 180 V, 200 Ah (36 kWh) NiFe or 180 V, 180 Ah (32.4 kWh) NiCd battery depending on year. Range was claimed at 80 miles.


With a 70 mph top speed, and 65 hp, it wasn’t winning any speed records, but then again, this was 1993.