TIL my Accord is basically a race car

Tubes in doors > Tube frame chassis > Race car!

I replaced the window regulator today. The only casualty was the courtesy light, I closed the door at some point after pulling it out and smashed the bulb. I pulled what remained of it out and didn’t replace it, because AutoZone would probably only sell you a pair of bulbs for $7 and who needs a courtesy light anyway.


Also, yesterday I hooked up the new temp sensor connector.

Hopefully the new sensor itself will come in tomorrow and I can get the car running again. For those who don’t know, the old sensor broke in half and I couldn’t the the half melted plastic out of the old connector.


And I also replaced the clutch pedal pad. I basically got the new one for free. I got a 5% coupon for RockAuto which saved me like $3 on the regulator and the new pad was only $3. Also I learned when ordering it, the pad for the brake and clutch pedal are the same.


That’s just how the old one was, I didn’t tear it anymore taking it off.


One of these things is not like the other...

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