So I didn’t know this and I’m ashamed to admit pawn stars taught me but did you know the history of The Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament?  

Turns out that originally, Rolls Royce only had their logo on the car, it was only when a baron who was a big fan of cars commissioned his sculptor friend to made an ornament for his Rolls that this icon came into being. Only it didn’t look like this and it wasn’t called what is is today.

This is the original - The Whisper. It was a sculpture of an actress he was having an affair with in some light flowing robes with her finger to her lips to suggest it was all a big secret. He put this on his car...The nuts on that guy. So anyway people liked it so much that people were asking Rolls to produce it, they weren’t about to get in on that business so instead they created what we know now as the Spirit of Ecstasy which I guess is kind of blended mess of an admission of their clients “I’ve got money to do as I please” attitudes with the stately reputation of Rolls.