Took the MKZ in for an oil change and tire rotation, they came back and told me they couldn’t rotate the wheels unless they replaced the lug nuts because they are swollen. Quoted me $130 for a new set of lug nuts.

I was a little perplexed by this because swollen lug nuts sounds a whole lot like low blinker fluid or bad muffler bearings to me. So I told them I’d talk to my mom about it (it’s her car) and we’d call them back if we decided to get the lug nuts replaced. Then I hopped on my phone and went to Google to see what the deal was with these swollen lug nuts.

Turns out, it’s a real thing, common to Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota vehicles. The chromed caps separate from the steel nuts, moisture gets in between the two and causes corrosion, and the nuts swell. The affected manufacturers won’t replace the parts under warranty.


So it looks like the MKZ needs new lug nuts, but I don’t really want to put $130 worth of OEM lug nuts on the car if they’re just going to swell again and need to be replaced. I’m currently looking for a solution that addresses the swelling problem and costs less than $130. I’ll let you know if I find something.