We have 2 big Tesla service centers here in Houston. A parts dude that we know got hired at one and stopped by a little while ago to show off a P85D. He mentioned that there is a Model S driving around town that was declared a total loss (collision) BUT some body shop in town was able to fix it....

...well, he is still looking for random parts for his car. What the parts guy told us was that once a Tesla is declared a total loss, Tesla will NOT sell any parts for it (VIN specific parts search).

Here at Aston Martin, when I look up some body shop parts, some show a restriction. Basically, those body parts can only be purchased and shipped directly to a certified Aston repair shop. There is only one here and they work with us directly.

I understand those specific, usually carbon fiber structure, parts from Aston, but any parts for a Tesla is forbidden once it’s been declared a total loss seems a bit much. I guess that could be legal right? I guess it falls into that, “we have the right to refuse service” or something like that.