I stopped home for lunch and on the way back I saw what I thought was a Honda Civic to which someone gave the “Acura” treatment (technically I was right). Even when I saw the CSX badge I thought, “that’s not real, did this guy seriously make up his own model?”

As I continued to drive I thought, “no I’m dumb. That was definitely a real thing that Acura dealers sold new, right?” I just don’t know how I missed it. I’m not a fan of Acura’s but I am aware of them. TL, TSX, ILX, MDX, RL, and of course RSX. Had you told me an hour ago that you owned a CSX I’d be like “hah, fuckin’ guy doesn’t even know what kind of car he drives.”


Maybe my car knowledge is slipping? Maybe it’s just that there are so many cars that I have a passion for that my brain is canceling out the ones I don’t.