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TIL: The Dodge Mirada

While searching Craigslist for cars I didn’t need, I came upon this unheard of to me Malaise era vehicle, the Dodge Mirada. It is a 2 door “muscle” car and this particular example has the 5.9L V8 engine.

That is a funny looking Conquest?

Looking at it from the outside it is peak Malaise era. Boxy, boxy, boxy, with little triangles for the windshield and rear window. Although similar in styling, it just doesn’t have the same visual appeal as the Thunderbirds and Monte Carlos of the aero wars to follow.


The Mirada was built on the Chrysler J-Platform, which hosted such “lovely looking” cars as the Chrysler Imperial and the Dodge Cordoba.


The Mirada was powered by a 3.7L I6, 5.2L V8, or the more desired 5.9L V8. This particular example seems to have the 5.9, but I could not tell if it is original or not. It looks like there are plenty of newer modifications ot he engine. Power output wasn’t spectacular with the 5.9 was 185 screaming horses mated to a odd number 3 speed transmission (start, move, move faster).


The Dodge Mirada was not really successful. Only 53,000 cars sold during the entire production from 1980 to 1983. They were heavily outsold by the GM G-bodies meaning that there are few survivors today, making these actually quite rare. They were also far outclassed by the G-body as the Mirada was the last car Dodge ran in NASCAR before their return in 2001. The Mirada just couldn’t keep up with the competition and NASCAR teams decided to go with the GM and Ford counterparts (kinda similar to 2012?).

The 1980s, pioneering red on red interior technology

This particular listing is asking $5250 for this passed over piece of Malaise era muscle. With 49,000 miles and a crisp red interior, it is a peak example of 80s design and “sportiness.”

The profile actually makes it look pretty cool
This one is not so flattering

Original Listing preserved below

Very limited CMX edition

less 1000 built

360 with 340 xxx heads

new flowmaster exhaust

very low miles at 49000 actual

only 2 owners of this car b/4 me

last owner,a friend,had it 17 years

he has cancer issues and had to sell it to help with bills

this car is rust free with original paint

a gallon of the correct paint is included...base coat

this car is a survivor and will be valued much higher than today

it is a sleeper muscle car

the car was designed for nascar and tested

it has a sure grip rear end and 727 trans w/ mild stall

call for details

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