I’m a bachelor for the week. My wife and daughter are visiting her sister and I’m left home with the animals. I have to say, the rate at which a single person can complete tasks is unbelievable. At least once you have been on the other side of the fence. And I have it good! My wife is fantastic, and our daughter is a delight who has slept through the night since she was just over a month old. I can’t imagine being a with a person who sucks with a couple of bratty kids...

When my wife goes away I run out of things to do VERY quickly. I always clean the house and do all of the laundry first as I won’t use much throughout the week. Then it’s onto PROJECTS!

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I decided to build another, smaller workbench. this one will be on casters also. I’ll use it for clamping things to or for tools that need to be mounted (drill press, ammo press, vice) I had to make a few stops on the way home. By the time I was getting setup to cut, I saw that it was just after 7pm. I’m not sure what the rules are, but I decided that I wouldn’t much like to hear a saw if I was inside relaxing. So I’m saving that for this afternoon.

No Pickup, no problem
No Pickup, no problem

Instead I pulled out the 02's speedo and got it boxed up to send out to North Hollywood Speedometer to be repaired. Finally, I saved the best for last. I bought a Ross-Tech HEX-V2 interface from someone on the TDI club forum for $150! For those of you who don’t know, this cable allows you to use VW software (VCDS) to do all kinds of cool things to your car.

Everything you read about VCDS talks about “code” this or “coding” that. I thought I’d be working via CLI to make carefully make tiny code tweaks to do different things...Turns out coding means clicking a button or checking a box...I’m kind of disappointed that there was not more to do, however I was able to make the following mods in 30 minutes:

Keyfob active with engine running
Seatbelt warning chime off
Gauge sweep
Passenger mirror pitch down in reverse
Window closing with ignition off
Carbon fiber screen background
Sunroof opens/closes with remote
All rear lights are brake lights
EDIT: I Forgot the coolest one! - Windows auto up if it rains when (vehicle parked)


Anyone else got any cool ones?

Happy Tuesday!

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