Who’d have thunk it.

Backstory: filled up the Rex on the way to AutoX yesterday morning. Not more than a couple of km later it starts running like shit; pops and bangs, doesn’t want to get into boost, can’t use more than 15-20% throttle, fun stuff...

Park the car on the side of a major road for fear of causing major engine damage. Proceed to wait on the side of said major road for 3+ hours because CAA is incompetent and can’t give the assigned company/driver my proper location. If the driver/operator had called me early on, not as they finally did at the 3hr mark, they could’ve got me in 10 minutes. Get car dropped off at home, have strong desire to punch baby kittens for the rest of the day.

Luckily, there were no kittens around so I busied myself otherwise.

Fast forward to 20 minutes ago, I get a call from the gas station I filled up at yesterday (I had called them when the trouble started because I immediately suspected the fuel). It’s diesel. The carrier had filled the 91 octane tank with diesel.




Son of a bitch.


Thankfully, the carrier has already offered to take care of any damage caused. The car will get towed to the dealer as soon as possible (no time today, otherwise it’d be there already), they’ll do what needs to be done, and all will be right again. It’s a headache, but I’m happy to know what the issue is and that it will be resolved.


Anyway, that autocross I missed ended up being a shit show too. Between the torrential downpours, thunder and lightning and a Mustang hipchecking a curb (driver is ok, car is not) and going airbourne, they only got three runs in.

So yeah, fuck yesterday in particular. :P