Daughter’s B8 A4 needed rear pads and rotors. Last time she was at dealership they fixed a loose electrical connection and failed to tell her they did a quick inspection. Only because she saw 3mm noted on brake section of the paperwork did she know. Not bad for 59k miles. I bought her decent quality pads and rotors then tonight got my first experience with working with electronic parking brakes. Techs at work cheat and use a battery with leads to reset the caliper motor so I used a small jump starter and some wire for a McGyvered service tool. Was much easier than the Youtube method of unbolting and turning back the e-brake motor. Negative wire to left terminal and positive to rh retracted the motor so I could use a caliper tool to press in the piston. One wire I put an insulated spade terminal on, the other was bare wire to contact the opposite pin.


Took 3 hours beginning to end including cleanup and drive to seat the pads. Thinking about getting a wire terminal at wrecking yard and making a dedicated setup with a switch for doing the EPB system on Audi/VW. Now that I’ve done one of these I’d bet next time I could replace them in under 2 hours. Not fun to do after a day at work. I was so tired I lowered the car and forgot it was on jack stands until I went to get keys and noticed car was still off the ground when I went back into the garage. At least I saw that before heading for the test drive. I hate those “DUH” moments.