So a while back I asked Oppo for luck on a series of job interviews at my work for an Enterprise Architect position. Much luck was granted and I nailed the 4 (four interviews!!!!) but wasn’t selected for the job. I was a very close 2nd, the guy who got the job had a very different skillset than me and they decided they wanted more his at the moment than mine.

As a good Romanian friend of me says when things do not go as expected Life, she goes on’


The tough thing is I have a good job, but a lot of layers of management and no real room for advancement where I am at now. I work at a large quasi-government organization so benefits are awesome and pay is good. I’ve been here 4 and a half years and have climbed up high enough I now understand how inefficient and averse to change everything is in the place and am tired of it all.

So - long story short I’ve now updated my resume for an external job and applied for one earlier this week. At the same time the Mrs and I are getting tired of St Louis so the net is going to be cast wide. I’d love to head towards Mountains and Ocean so probably either California or Boston.


I probably should start to thin out my herd of project vehicles - I don’t plan on moving the majority of these fine machines.

A pic of a beautiful Bronco from the last time I was in Denver - The rust free west is extremely intriguing to my poor midwest self.

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