Time for a new phone. Or not. I don't know...

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My 6S Plus is paid off. Now that I freed up a bit of space it’s working much, much better. But it has its issues - battery life isn’t what it used to be, and the little vibrator motor thingy is loose because of a couple of drops. Cosmetically it’s fine - it’s been in a Mophie battery case since new, and that case is helping with the battery life issues, but I’d rather be up to full strength on the internal battery.


I’m not really interested in moving back to Android, and the added features on the various iPhone X models don’t make me want to rush out and spend $$$ for a top-of-the-line unit. I’m OK with being a generation of two behind on my phone, so I’m thinking that an 8 Plus should hold me over for a few years, but do I really need a new phone?

I’m still on iOS 10, by choice, and I’m finding that many apps no longer have versions that work for me, so this may force the upgrade issue. Heck, my dad is still using an iPhone 5. I wanted to get new phones for both of us using AT&T’S BOGO offers, but those only apply if you want to add another line - there’s just the three of us, so no need for another line. The other option was to upgrade to unlimited data without tethering for another $50/mo in order to get $450 off of a phone, but that doesn’t make sense either. We don’t use all of the 12 GB we have now, so why go unlimited?


Decisions, decisions...

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